The Gifts Of A Morning Paleo Breakfast

People go paleo for a variety of reasons. Perhaps the modern diet is no longer pleasing and people are opting to the cavemen for something better. Evidently, they lived longer and even ‘better’! Well, even though it is true, doing paleo the wrong way makes it no different. Real paleo starts in the morning. The first meal should be a paleo. This is, however, dependent upon a number of factors like the mode of cooking, the diet plan chosen, among others. A paleolithic breakfast should conform to what our ancestors would have loved, though not exactly. It should stick to the preset standards of a present caveman diet.

But now, what are the real benefits of having a paleolithic diet for a breakfast? There are a couple of reasons why the paleo should kickstart your day. Notably, the paleo breakfast does not only provide the nutrients required by the body but also boost health. Studies have shown the Paleo diet being an ideal remedy for some bodily disorders. One should, therefore, adopt a full paleo meal plan in order to achieve better results.


Paleo breakfast for optimum performance of the immune system

Quite a number of nutrients and minerals are used in the immune system. These nutrients can, however, be only useful when they are obtained in sufficient quantities and with the right combinations. The system requires a regular supply of nutrients just to keep it fit and firm. A deficiency of one of the primary nutrients might impair the working of the general system. And this is where the paleo breakfast plays in. A good breakfast is that which can sufficiently meet the requirements of the immune system for the whole day. Only little additions will be done for the rest of the day.

A standard paleo breakfast is known to have considerable amounts of vitamins, one of them being vitamin C. Another characteristic of the diet is the little or no sugar content. Little biology will reveal that the basic requirements for the immune system are vitamins. Vitamin C is specifically known for its ability to impact directly on the immune system. This combined with the low sugar content do have a great positive improvement on the immunity of your body. Vegetables among other low-sugar foods are responsible for this.

The paleo breakfast gift also contains a whole lot of other goodies that aid immunity. Begin with the detox advantage due to the avoidance of the processed foods. Going paleo means that one is completely out of the processed foodstuffs which obviously contain chemicals. Such chemicals do have serious negative effects on the immunity of the body. Thank God, Paleo came to the rescue! Again the healthy growth of cells could be fostered by the paleo meals. The body cells are normally made of both saturated and unsaturated fats. A normal balance of the two will instigate a good growth of the cells. The morning paleo diet provides this balance.

Paleo breakfast for alkaline cellular medium

Our bodies are maintained at a pH of slightly above 7, meaning that the body is internally alkaline. Several processes in the body do, however, release acids which might alter the normal functioning of the body. There is, thus, a need to supplement the body with alkaline fluids so as to restore this temporary imbalance. Naturally, the body should be able to reestablish the stability. At times, though, the body needs to be supplemented with the alkaline medium. This is where the paleo breakfast is called to assist. Vegetables and fruits are the common sources that improve the alkalinity in the body.

A blend of vegetables and fruits, found primarily in the paleo breakfast, is essential for this purpose. A morning paleo diet is often planned to contain a glass of juice from fresh green fruits. The other vegetables are common components of the paleolithic diet. This will give the body the alkaline cellular medium necessary for the smooth running of activities in the body. It should, nevertheless, be a dynamic process since the acid-forming processes are not static, but ongoing processes. This is to ensure that the body’s pH remains regular with little or no upheavals. Thus, waking up to a paleo is integral for the general body’s development and health!

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